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Brand and Product 

     EC-PACK Packing Equipment Co.,Ltd focuses on R&D and production of coding and marking systems. Its products include Continuous Ink-jet printers (4-8 lines),Laser coding system,Large Character Ink-Jet Printer( DOD)for shipping box,High-resolution printer,Thermal Transfer printer(TTO), and related industrial printing consumables. Our printers are widely applicable to pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care, and food industries.


    EC-PACK is the leading enterprise in the pacific Rim coding industry. It has set the standards in the “continuous ink-jet printing technology.” It holds numerous patented technologies and has been recognized by the National Assembly of Technology with several grants for its contribution to scientific research and innovative advancements of ink-jet printing technology. The EC-JET 920,based on the continuous ink-jet (CIJ)two-color anti-counterfeit technology, is currently the accepted standards worldwide. EC-PACK is proud of its achievements and pioneered technologies in the field of printing. The company is committed to the research of new and innovative ideas.

Quality Assurance and service 

    EC-PACK product lines are certified and approved for used by many regulatory organizations :CE,UL,CSA, ROSH, and FDA.EC-PACK is committed to 360︒customer service concept providing service for pre-sales consultation,turn-key solutions,integration and installation testing,training,follow-up services,on-line service support and on-site service 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Marketing and Service Network

    EC-PACK has a well-established sales and services network throughout Asia with more than 30 sales and support offices to serve its customers.The company is actively developing the global markets with sales and service partnerships in over 20 countries to ensure comprehensive service for our global customers. EC-JET products are widely adopted in many industries. Many of our customers have operations worldwide.They include P&G, SAMSUNG, SAMSUNG,LG,Gree, NEW HOPE GROUP,Schick Asia Operations, Tongrentang (TRT), and Avon.

Our Vision

    Change Begins with Innovation. EC-PACK has adopted the concept of continuous improvement. We are actively integrating resources to leverage our strength and improving our processes to widen our product range. EC-PACK is committed to its customers. It aims to become the leader in the packaging industry supplying quality cost-effective coding equipment.

EC-Pack Profile

Our Journey

Guangzhou EC-PACK Packaging Equipment.CO.,Ltd, 2004  EC-PACK Asian Co.,Ltd was founded in Hongkong, setting up its factory in Guangzhou,China and established EC-PACK packaging Equipment Co.,Ltd,wholly owned subsidiary of pharmapack packaging Equipment Co.,Ltd.

2006  The first EC-JET 300 ink-jet printer was successfully developed and sold in China.

2007  The first EC-JET Micro ink-jet printer and EC-JET400 pigment ink-jet printer was successfully developed and sold in china.

2009  The first two-color continuous ink-jet(CIJ)printer in the world was successfully developed,creating a new opportunity for CIJ in the field of anti-counterfeit.

2010  The first color anti-counterfeiting small character ink-jet printer delivered to customers.

2010  annual sales exceeded 1000 units of inkjet printer.

2011  The world first dua-hesd continuous ink-jet printer and first Twin-Jet continuous ink-jet printer was successfuly developed and used by customers.In the same year ,EC-PACK participated in the German INTERPACK exhibition and set the national standard for “continuous ink-jet printer”in Asia.

2012  EC-JET laser printer was developed and exhibited in the Germen ACHEMA exhibition.

2013  DOD ink-jet printer which produce large characters  was put into production.

2014  production of high analysis products.